Lindsey Leadership Consulting is an organizational consulting firm that works with companies, teams and individuals to develop leadership direction for lasting success.

Today's environment requires trustworthy, strategic, and authentic leaders. We provide coaching, leadership development, and organizational effectiveness consulting.

Lindsey Leadership Consulting works with organizations and their leaders so that they can provide a vision and consistent perspective and sustain important values within the organization.

For Individuals

Lindsey Leadership Consulting works with individuals in a coaching and mentoring capacity. We provide coaching to address immediate leadership issues and mentoring using the Arch of Leadership approach in developing skills of character, self-trust and leader brand. We also work with sole proprietors on specific strategies for their organizations.

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For Teams

We work with teams to build a high performing culture within the team. We help teams create their mission, develop their operating philosophy, meet their team goals and performance measures, and gain clarity about their roles and procedures including decision making and resolving conflicts.

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For Organizations

Working with organizations means we work on the people side of the business in all areas of organizational effectiveness. We work with the company and its leaders to define the company's vision and create a strategy to achieve that vision. We help the organization build a collaborative culture, lead through transitions, and achieve desired changes.

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