The Individual

Lindsey Leadership Consulting works with individuals in a coaching and mentoring capacity. We provide coaching to address immediate leadership issues and to develop skills of character, self-trust, and the ability to portray leadership to others.


Coaching provides perspective and direction. We help individuals at all levels of the organization achieve their leadership goals in a way that is authentic for them. By working in a personalized and strategic way to facilitate self-awareness, relationship building, and career success, we help individuals to become valued leaders.

We offer one-on-one coaching, in person, by phone, or Skype.

From a gender perspective, we understand that women may still encounter lingering concerns and perceptions that others may have about women in significant leadership roles. These perceptions and the assumptions that underlie them are often embedded in deeply held and unstated cultural and organizational beliefs about what it means to be a woman in the workplace. These assumptions can affect how women approach their roles as leaders as well as how they are perceived. We offer individualized coaching for women facing unique challenges in their positions; we focus on their abilities to be authentic and strategic in their leadership roles.

Today’s work environments also create specific challenges for men. The expectations of organizations, the desire for career advancement, and managing career and family responsibilities often form the basis for these challenges. We offer individualized coaching for men as they deal with the challenges that they face.

The Arch of Leadership Mentoring Program

The Arch of Leadership Program – Overview

Leaders bring different motivations and personal experiences that define how they think and act. The Arch of Leadership Mentoring approach is designed to help aspiring leaders clarify their motives, life experiences, and personal stories that inform how they lead and create followers.

Leader Mentoring focuses on the individual’s self-discovery and the inner journey that is required of leaders in building their character. Four skills of character are emphasized and lead to the development of one’s self-trust and authentic leader brand that inspire the trust of others.

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