“Ann worked with our leadership team during a transitional period to become more cohesive and strategic.  She also helped the entire staff clearly define the company’s Operating Principles, which hold true to this day.  She provides valuable insight and is a pleasure to work with.”

Cindy Frene
Owner, TransAction Associates, Inc.

“Ann is great to work with and she has stellar skills as an interviewer. It’s a bonus that Ann has a background in organizational development so she was able to help me interpret the feedback in a concrete way that allowed me to understand specific aspects of my relationship, behavior and deliverables that are working vs. those that aren’t. Ann did more than just tell me what folks said. Hiring Ann to gather feedback from my past clients is one of the best investments I’ve made for my business.

Kay Corry Aubrey
User-Centered Research and Design

“Ann provided confidential client feedback for me and following that feedback, we determined ways that I could be even more successful. The feedback continues to be helpful and is very present in my mind as I work with my clients.”

Chief Strategic Thinker and Insight Gatherer
Wishful Thinking  

“You are a superb listener and a compassionate person. I am the leader that I am today because of your guidance and reassurances. Your ability to put people at ease during difficult times. During the IRS years, you helped me and my teams gain perspective to be able to envision an outcome in spite of the client’s daily turmoil. Your coaching style is effective and you have an innate sense of how to connect with and motivate people to be see their potential. You relate in a personal way and your genuine interest and caring is obvious. You also help organizations to become more balanced in their perspective, and kinder, gentler places to work.  You have a lot of ‘tools in your bag.’ It seemed that you had the right advice for every situation, and at times, a book or an article that helped to reinforce the lesson.”

Donna Grubb-Hewlett
Senior Principal Information Systems Engineer, The MITRE Corporation

“Ann conducted a “Task Oriented Team Development Workshop” for our office where we re-designed team procedures, gained clarity regarding the roles of our staff, and made modifications to work loads. Her laid back style and skill in facilitating discussion helped us clarify where we needed to make change, and allowed our staff to both accept and institute change willingly. We couldn’t ask for a better experience!”

Barbara Goldfarb
Owner, Education Resources, Inc.

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