The Organization

Lindsey Leadership Consulting works with organizations on the people side of the business in all areas of organizational effectiveness. We work with the company and its leaders to define the company’s vision and create a strategy to achieve that vision. We help the organization build a collaborative culture, lead through transitions, and achieve desired changes.

Organizational “Diagnosis

When organizations experience points of pain caused by an internal factor such as handling leadership transitions or an external factor such as market changes, we help the organization’s members understand where things are getting bogged down and create processes to make desired changes.

Organizational Strategy, Change, and Innovation

We help companies develop clarity in their strategy and achieve their desired goals. We facilitate the work of companies in their navigation of the complexities of change and in their creation of innovation for new markets and services. In doing so, we help organizations overcome the obstacles that are inhibiting change.

Creating Success in a New Organization post Merger or Acquisition

Mergers and acquisitions are experienced as huge changes by the people in the company affected. Many mergers fail; one 1999 European study reported that about 70% failed to meet the market value increase that was expected (Jensen,1999). Anxiety, lack of trust, and turmoil among employees reduce the customer focus. The inter-group conflict between the merged entities often increases in unproductive ways; people can develop an “us-them” way of thinking about each other. We work with the newly merged company to create a safe climate that promotes innovative work, reduces barriers between people, and develops relationships across perceived boundaries.

organizational diversityValuing Diversity in the Workplace

Our workplaces today are rich with diversity of ethnicity, age, gender, race, sexual orientation, physical abilities and qualities, and other dimensions. We work with organizations to understand and appreciate cultures other than one’s own and the impact of differences — race, class, age, sex, physical, sexual orientation, and religious.

Interactive Workshops

We conduct workshops in organizational effectiveness areas. These include:

  • Collaboration
  • Facilitation
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Change
  • Building Productive Relationships
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