Objectives of the Arch of Leadership Program

The Arch of Leadership was created to help people develop the personal perspectives and practices that will nurture their ability to lead creatively, and over the long haul.

Arch of Leadership programs are most appropriate for business owners, senior and mid-level managers and team/project leaders who confront leadership challenges every day.

The Leader Mentoring Program provides a series of eight (8) one-on-one mentoring sessions with a trained Arch of Leadership Mentor. Working through the Arch of Leadership’s Self-Discovery Journal with required readings and exercises, individuals gains valuable insights and
perspectives concerning themselves that guide their process in developing their own leader brand.

The individual mentoring sessions may be augmented with group sessions with others in the mentoring program and are facilitated by the Arch of Leadership Mentor. The group sessions add another dimension of learning to the individual mentoring process. Each session is designed to build further support for the leader in bringing their day-to-day realities of leading into open dialogue concerning actual leader challenges, experiential learning to gain deeper insights into the impact of their leader brand, and action ideas to put their brand to work right away.

The program is self-paced giving an individual the appropriate amount of time to work through each step of the learning, discovery, and call to action process. We also provide unlimited contact with the mentor outside of the one-on-one sessions (primarily by telephone or email) to maintain a positive and forward-looking momentum in the learning process.

The Arch of Leadership improves your ability to lead. You will learn to:

  • Inspire others to deliver top-flight performance, unprecedented results, each and every day.
  • Evoke dedication from your stakeholders so you can count on them to take initiative on your vision.
  • Continuously develop your leadership skills throughout your career, using your inner abilities.
  • Develop personal practices that enable you to sustain your energy, drive and commitment to lead.

How the Arch of Leadership differs from other approaches

The market is saturated with “leadership programs” all of which vary greatly
in scope and approach. Using the “Arch of Leadership” program, we offer a
unique and innovative method to traditional approaches. We explore and develop skills of character, we focus on inner values and beliefs, we tap existing life experiences and knowledge from within one’s self that informs how one leads, and we teach how to inspire trust in others.

What kind of results can you expect?

Each participant can expect to experience different types of insights, breakthroughs and tangible results in their leader role and with their leader challenges. For a more in-depth story of the experiences of different leaders, please see the excerpts from the book “Leader Mentoring” that provide a deeper understanding of the shifts that can occur for participants.

At a company level, the value of this program has clearly demonstrated the power of great leadership to strengthen a company’s ability to attract, retain and develop top talent, build succession plans from within and achieve challenging, company-wide initiatives thought to be unattainable.

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